The Irish Franciscans in Prague 1629–1786

The Irish Franciscans in Prague 1629–1786, by Jan Pařez & Hedvika Kuchařová.

See also: a Radio Prague interview; other work; more; & Amazon or UofChicago.


Survey of Topographical Anatomy

Another great text from Charles University in Prague, this time by: Jaroslav Kos, Jiří Heřt, and Jaroslava Hladíková. Revised and updated by Josef Stingl, David Kachlík, and Vladimír Musil.

Proofreading & Copyediting in Prague

PragensisMac, located in Prague, Czech Republic since 1994, comes from a background in politics, press and legislative analysis in the great State of California, is an experienced, one-man proofreading/copyediting organization with over 20 years of experience assisting such agencies, organizations, and individuals such as:

Charles University

Karolinum Press

Jacket Bros., film production company

Lopata s.r.o. translators, and

other government and political agencies.

Please contact me (click up there on my “gravatar”) or leave a comment for more information.

Digital currencies gladly accepted.

J. Bruna and J. Brunová: The Pituitary

Once again, the work is with the publishing house at Charles University.

The paper is medical in nature with everything you ever needed to know about the pituitary and various cancers, written by J. Bruna and J. Brunová.

Ladislav Stanco: Hellenistic Iconographic Schemes in Central Asia (Greek Gods in the East)

This time the work is with the publishing house at Charles University.

The job is Ladislav Stanco‘s new book, “Hellenistic Iconographic Schemes in Central Asia (Greek Gods in the East) @ChicagoDistrib.”

It should show up in the U.S. next year through another university press, making Czech research available to English-speaking researchers everywhere.

Czech Egyptology – Swimmers in the Sand

The book will be coming out relatively soon. It was a lot of fun to read and I hope you like it, too.

It also looks like at least one other person knows what I’m talking about:,

and it’s going to be available at Amazon.