From Developmentalism to Mobilization: The Case of the Violent Georgian Transition

by Vít Střítecký

Published with the support of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague.


Visegrad Sports

In the Shadow of Totalitarianism:

Sport and the Olympic Movement in the “Visegrád Countries” 1945-1989

 “The presented monograph brings both a comparative analysis and a synthesized view on the development of sport, mainly of the Olympic movement, in the so called Visegrad countries. It focuses mainly on the position and role of sport in the development of the totalitarian regimes of the Central Europe.”

– Marek Waic, et al.

Ladislav Stanco: Hellenistic Iconographic Schemes in Central Asia (Greek Gods in the East)

This time the work is with the publishing house at Charles University.

The job Ladislav Stanco’s new book, “Hellenistic Iconographic Schemes in Central Asia (Greek Gods in the East).”

It should show up in the U.S. next year through another university press, making Czech research available to English-speaking researchers everywhere.


Czech Egyptology – Swimmers in the Sand

It seems I am finished proofing and that the book will be coming out relatively soon. It was a lot of fun to read and I hope you like it too.

It also looks like at least one other person knows what I’m talking about:,

and it’s going to be available at Amazon.