Materializing Identities in Socialist and Post-Socialist Cities

Preface (Luďa Klusáková)

Materializing Identities in Socialist and Post-Socialist Cities (Jiří Janáč and Jaroslav Ira)

Society and Space in (Post-)Socialist Cities: Directions in Research (Natallia Linitskaya)

Tractor at the Avenue: Post-War Reconstruction of Minsk, 1944–1960 (Natallia Linitskaya)

Public Spaces and Nation-Building in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan (1991–2001) (Nari Shelekpayev)

Is Name Destiny? On Some Cases of Post-Soviet Street-Naming in Almaty and Astana (Nari Shelekpayev)

Skopje 2014: The Role of Government in the Spatial Politics of Collective Memory (Ivana Nikolovska)

Searching for Identity: The Cities of Tiraspol and Chisinau (Olga Niutenko)



Public Policy

By Martin Potůček et al., Wikipedia, Amazon, CUNI, Course.

“Some time ago, William Dunn (1981: 8–19) argued that “the study of public policy is as old as Plato’s concern for The Republic” (as paraphrased by McCool 1995: 1). But even long before ancient philosophers, people had been trying to solve conflicts between interests and ways of satisfying them intuitively, on the fly. Albeit many armed conflicts arose, other struggles were, fortunately, solved peacefully.”

From Developmentalism to Mobilization: The Case of the Violent Georgian Transition

by Vít Střítecký

Published with the support of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague.