Materializing Identities in Socialist and Post-Socialist Cities

Preface (Luďa Klusáková)

Materializing Identities in Socialist and Post-Socialist Cities (Jiří Janáč and Jaroslav Ira)

Society and Space in (Post-)Socialist Cities: Directions in Research (Natallia Linitskaya)

Tractor at the Avenue: Post-War Reconstruction of Minsk, 1944–1960 (Natallia Linitskaya)

Public Spaces and Nation-Building in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan (1991–2001) (Nari Shelekpayev)

Is Name Destiny? On Some Cases of Post-Soviet Street-Naming in Almaty and Astana (Nari Shelekpayev)

Skopje 2014: The Role of Government in the Spatial Politics of Collective Memory (Ivana Nikolovska)

Searching for Identity: The Cities of Tiraspol and Chisinau (Olga Niutenko)



Historical Population Atlas of the Czech Lands

By Martin Ouředníček et al. University of Chicago Press; ResearchGate; Faculty of Science Charles University.


Czech Egyptology – Swimmers in the Sand

The book will be coming out relatively soon. It was a lot of fun to read and I hope you like it, too.

It also looks like at least one other person knows what I’m talking about:,

and it’s going to be available at Amazon.